Case Study Delphin Hotels | Aralık 2011

Delphin Hotels, Antalya

Product: Booking Engine &

ChannelStream Channel Manager | As of April 2011

“We are very satisfied with, we honestly did not expect this much endorsement when we purchased. It can become a superb business tool if you spend time on it, manage your rates well and use “Dynamic Pricing” effectively.”

Dr. Yıldırım CÖMERTOĞLU, Delphin Hotels. General Manager – Founding Partner

Thanks to;

  • There has been a 500% increase in online sales.
  • Online sales on our webpage has increased by more than 200%.
  • Incredible ease of use; ChannelStream gives you the opportunity to be the “quick fish”.

The Problem:

Delphin Hotels were looking for a way to manage their Online Sales channels effectively in ortder to increase their sales, but they did not have a central booking system. They couldn’t use their own webpage effectively for online sales neither.

The Opportunity:

Delphin Hotels used to work with various Online Booking webpages in order to reach the number of online bookings they were aiming for. However they couldn’t use their own webpage sufficiently even though it could be an effective way to reach their goal.

The Solution:

With the integration of Booking Engine into their own webpage, there was a considerable amount of increase in the visibility and bookings of Delphin Hotels.

What Dr. Yıldırım CÖMERTOĞLU has to say:

What kind growth has occured in your sales and endorsement after you started using? How much have your sales increased? How much was it in the same period last year?

“We are very satisfied with, we did not have a considerable amount of endorsement before since we did not place emphasis on online sales but we honestly did not expect this much endorsement when we purchased. We exceeded the amount of endorsement we were aiming for in online sales by 75%. There has been a 500% increase compared to last year. Can become a superb business tool if you spend time on it, manage your rates well and use “Dynamic Pricing” effectively. They have now added a feature called “Pricing Schemes”, you can adjust your rates for all channels in about 2 minutes if you know how to use it. However, an employee must be assigned to configure and manage it. Creating a sub-division for internet sales is among our future plans.”

How much have the sales on your webpage increase? How was performance amongst channels such as Booking, Expedia and HRS?

“I can say that it is over 200% because online sales on our webpage was not something that we considered all that much. Except one should not forget that the first step of these online sales is to forward the visitor to the webpage. For this reason you need to have a visible webpage on the internet and you must even support it via adverts. Once your reach the webpage you need to visually prove that it is secure. When it comes to online booking and presenting prices, does it in near-perfect quality. Regarding performance, 60% of all online sales in the summer were made on our page. In the winter, while the total sum of all channels brought in 60% of bookings, provided 40% of bookings on its own.”

When we look at the amount of bookings and endorsements, what is your opinion on TRS in regards to “Return On Investment”?

“Since our webpage is in Flash we are unable to measure ROI exactly, but I can say that it is very productive. Maybe in the future can add a module to the system that will do these sort of calculations for us. On top of that, they have the opportunity to help us manage booking applications on social networks such as Facebook.

What is your opinion on when it comes to improving itself and its product? Can you give examples? Which improvements do you find useful?

“They come up with something new each month, for example the seperation of markets in “Dynamic Pricing” has been incredible for us, we can differentiate our prices according to regions and countries, for example we can set different prices to the Russian market and the European market. Similarly, “Pricing Schemes” is wonderful. And also “Voucher Codes”. The fact that “Multi Voucher Code” is multi-setup is great. Same for “Booking Code”. We are looking forward to virtual pos and “Smart Guest” above all, and we are also looking forward to the wonderful secret option that they explained on their page. For example they added “Infants” to “Dynamic Pricing”. They turned extras into “Per Day”, “Per Person” etc. and they could be connected with rates. To summarize, is working great, they also made the mobile page and on top of it you can add the translation of anything.”

What is your opinion on ChannelStream System? What other advantages does it have besides its ability to update rates and availabilities from the center and saving time for you and your sales team?

“Already the biggest advantage of online sales is that you can give a price for available room at the last minute. ChannelStream provides the opportunity to be the “fast fish” and great ease. These things exceedingly redeem the investment. In short, do not hesitate to spend money on “online”, you get your money’s worth. But as is the case with every plant, this too requires maintenance and being up to date.”

Would you recommend the System to other hoteliers? What sort of advice would you give to the sales managers of hotels?

“I’m calling out to all hoteliers. Do not underestimate online sales, it can generate superb amounts of endorsement if you give prominence to it. is the best program on the market to use for this purpose. First of all, hire a webmaster for your page, make it attractive and accessible, make it sales and information oriented, update it regularly, support it with adwords and banner (you can do this later on)… Then enter prices close to real, create all your promotions in “Dynamic Pricing”, train an employee to manage this or hire someone, leave the rest to and see your endorsements. Even if you do not wish to be that assertive, still buy and set it up, it can reach 2% of your total endorsement on its own.”

Return on Investment:

When you look at the return on investment for the system, you will see highly positive results for all 5 Delphin Hotels. When a ROI analysis is conducted on Delphin Hotels, with the unbelievable amount of increase in their online sales and the very high amount of sales they grabbed from portals such as Booking and Expedia into their own webpage, it is seen that the group has made a huge profit. The lowering of comissions that paid to internet agencies is yet another advantage the group gains from the system.

Key Achievements:

  • Exceeding the 2011 online sales target by 75%
  • The fact that 60% of all online bookings comes through
  • Over 200% increase in online sales through the hotel webpage
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