For Travel Agencies


“Real-time Management & Distribution System for Tourism Services”

Automation System for Agencies and Tour Operators

  • Etour is a platform of management of tourism services and reservations. Agencies and tour operators can manage and sell tourism services efficiently via etour system.
  • Etour is automation system which enable to check not only outgoing but also incoming needs of an agency online and as client server. Tour Operators and Agencies can organize activities in their offices, and offer online reservation of their tourism services via using the below modules.

etour Automation offers:

  1. Hotel Module
  2. Boat Rental Module
  3. Charter Module
  4. CarRental Module
  5. Excursion Module
  6. Sealines
  7. Transfer Module
  8. Vacation Module
  9. Cruise Module
  10. Package Tour Management
  11. Third Party XML connection

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