Revenue & Yield Manager

With TRS | Revenue & Yield Manager, beat the competition, be the most preferred hotel among your customers, and increase your hotel’s yearly RevPAR ratio

Monitor your competitors

TRS | Revenue & Yield Manager monitors competitor hotels’ rates at online travel agencies (OTAs). You can select which hotels to keep an eye on and define them as your rivals, or you simply let TRS | Revenue & Yield Management Consulting help you.

  • Most hoteliers don’t have the time and resources to constantly keep track of what competitors are doing
  • Online travel market is growing at an enormous rate and it gets harder and harder to manage a strong position within this market. With TRS | Revenue & Yield Manager, enhance your position within this market with huge potential.
  • Perfect solution for hotels to strengthen their position with respect to hotel chains or group hotels

Position your hotel better with regard to competitors and obtain competitive advantage

TRS | Revenue & Yield Manager not only monitors competitors’ rates, but also compares these rates to your own, and makes automatic suggestions such as increasing or decreasing your rates so that you can have an advantageous position and competitive room rates compared to rival hotels. If you wish, TRS | Revenue & Yield Manager makes all the calculations and automatically updates your rates. By doing so, you can guarantee that you are one step ahead of your competitors all the time, even at your off-days and -times. As TRS, we also provide Revenue & Yield Management consultancy so that you can benefit from our software even more. What we do is to constantly analyze your rates and competitors’, and update your room rates accordingly. Please bear in mind that you can always set lower limits to your room rates.

  • Exploit the potential online sales channels are offering
  • Increase your room sales at not only a specific channel but all online sales channels you cooperate with
  • Let TRS | Revenue & Yield Management Consulting work with you to analyze your hotels’ performance and help you increase the revenue as well as profitability of your online sales channels

Increase your hotel’s RevPAR ratio

With TRS | Revenue & Yield Manager, offer better rates to your hotel guests than your competitors and increase both your room sales and your revenues

  • Analyze and maximize the profitability of online sales channels you work with
  • Minimize the number of unsold rooms each day