Property Management System

TRS | Property Management System is a web-based front office program for your hotel, hotel group or hotel chain, able to communicate with all of your online sales channels including, but not limited to, booking, expedia, hrs and venere. Single Image Inventory feature of TRS | Property Management System collects reservations coming through all these channels on a single extranet.

With two-way seamless integration technology, TRS | Property Management System updates your rate and availability information on all your online sales channels without you entering the same data again and again, and your reservations are entered into your Property Management System automatically.

All you need is a computer and Internet connection to use TRS | Property Management System!

Single Image Inventory tracking with Hotel Property Management System With TRS | Property Management System keep track of your reservations and control your room inventory from a single control panel; hence from a single room inventory page.

  • With TRS | Property Management System, control all reservations coming from different sources in a single control panel/extranet
  • TRS | Property Management System “Reservation Overview” page shows all reservations coming from different sources on a single page. Different colors are used for each sales channel so that you can easily recognize from which sales channel reservations are coming through. (Wholesaler, tour operators, GDS and IDS, etc.)
  • TRS | Property Management System helps you distribute your rooms optimally to different online channels you work with since with our PMS you can easily check the resource of your reservations. You can easily analyze how much each sales channel contributes to your revenues and identify the most efficient channels.
  • With TRS | Property Management System, receive instant alerts containing information of your reservations: length of stay with check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, room type, price and rates, personal information of customers, billing and etc.

Distribution Management

Two-way integration between TRS | Property Management System and your Central Reservation System not only saves your time and reduces costs, but it turns your computer into your hotel’s most efficiently working distribution manager.

TRS | Property Management System provides simultaneous communication with your CRS. You can update your price and availability information for all sales channels you work with at one time, receive instant reservation alerts.

  • With TRS | Property Management System, last room availability for all sales channels is now possible! Increase your last room’s chance to be sold, increase your hotel’s RevPAR ratio
  • Distribute your room inventory to different sales channels freely with TRS | Property Management System. You can check “Reservation Overview” page or analyze reports provided by TRS | Property Management System to distribute your rooms most efficiently.
  • With TRS | Property Management System distribution management function, eliminate the possibility of exceeding capacity. Protect your brand while increasing credibility among sales channels and customers via preventing overbookings.

Periodic reports

TRS | Property Management System generates detailed but easily understandable reports periodically.

  • Reports generated through TRS | Property Management System are in printable format
  • TRS | Property Management System provides reports for Revenues, Reservations, Statistics, Transactions, police reports and many more.

Also with TRS | Property Management System…

  • Keep track of your customers
  • Keep track of your mailings
  • Manage groups and corporate customers easily
  • Send automatic e-mails, receive instant updates
  • Easily invoice your hotel guests

An overview to TRS | Property Management System

  • User-friendly design, easy-to-use system
  • Feature-rich functions, multi-purpose system
  • Ideal for both independent hotels, chain hotels and hotel groups
  • No expensive software is needed, Internet connection is more than sufficient to use TRS | Property Management System

Here is an example of TRS | Property Management System Reservation Overview page:

Property Management System