Hotel Compare Manager & Rate Shopper

TRS Hotel Rate Shopper (Compare Manager) is a smart robust hotel rate shopping solution that efficiently monitors and collects the prices of your competitor hotels & supports your pricing strategy by considering your current competitive set and the trendsetters in the sector. In other words, TRS Hotel Rate Shopper |Compare Manager is a system that helps you monitor the rates of selected competitors of your hotel.

TRS |Hotel Rate Shopper is a service created for independent facilities and can be used via internet. The service provides all required information for rate policy of online portals and dealers by optimizing quantity and earnings of bookings through internet. TRS Rate Shopper helps leisure and business facilities for rate visibility in both short term and seasonally adjusted sales.

Hotel View: Showing room rates in each portal per hotel

Thousands of channels that include web direct hotel sites and both regional and global OTA sites are monitored in TRS Rate Shopper’s report. These are the monitored portals:


Portal View: Showing room rates for each hotel per hotel portal

TRS |Rate Shopper has nine strategic views for guiding quick pricing decisions that enable to review demand and pricing trends. Besides, TRS |Hotel Compare Manager facilitates to yield by inventory since its system helps to sell your base rooms at premium rates even last minute. TRS |Hotel Rate Shopper gives different reading levels of detected dates which are combined display of all the data; display of the portal report; display of the competitor report; display of the charts showing the minimum and maximum values of the analysed period for deep analysis of the portal, competitor or period. Besides, it presents the date with charts and graphics. Furthermore, TRS |Hotel Rate Shopper gives your hotel the unique opportunity to observe various rate types such as Qualified / Unqualified, Restricted / Unrestricted, Merchant / Retail, Minimum Length of Stay, Occupancy. By preserving your hotel’s reputation of “Best Rate Guarantee”, TRS |Rate Shopper increases your brand credibility.

GDS, major travel websites, and more than 250 brand sites are data sources of TRS Hotel Rate Shopper (Hotel Compare Manager). The system gives opportunity to analyze wide time periods; for instance future views of dates up to 365 days in advance. Besides, TRS Rate Shopper establishes a competitive set by helping user to create a customized list of hotels. With TRS Rate Shopper user can watch and evaluate min. 5 & max.10 competitor properties on the aforementioned portals.
There is optional delivery frequency: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly. Report retrieval is made through e-mail notification and web based tools in MS Excel, Adobe PDF, XML, Delimited Text format. Besides, in the system it is supplied to see merchant & retail rates and graphical representation of TRS distribution. Users of TRS Rate Shopper are Sales Teams, General Managers and Revenue Managers of exclusive hotels.

Sample Hotel Rate Report in XLS fromat

Sample graph for price comparison between hotels

There are many advantages of TRS Hotel Rate Shopper | Compare Manager. It saves time for updating data in the various portals by easily examining the prices of competitor hotels. Besides, the system increases your commercial capacity and boasts your hotel’s online reputation of “Best Price Guarantee”. Furthermore, it helps to carry your rating strategy over the internet more efficiently and effectively. Also, it creates an efficient dealer relationship management.