Hotel Channel Management

TRS – Hotel Channel Manager

CHANGE => Automatic Price and Allotment Management

Hotel Channel Manager
  • TRS Hotel Channel Manager lets you manage your rates and availabilities in your sales channels from one single interface.
  • TRS Hotel Channel Manager offers Automated Allocation (Room Inventory) Management to Hotels.
  • TRS Hotel Channel Manager offers automated Rate Parity Management to Hotels (Rate Parity).
  • TRS Hotel Channel Manager offers automated rates and allocation management and provides just in time contact to the sales channels.
  • Hotel Channel Manager offers 3-way communications service.
    • First communication level sends Rates and Availabilities to all Online Travel Agents (Channels).
    • With 2nd level communication Hotel Channel Manager retrieves all reservations from Online Internet Agents to your Hotel Channel Manager and the reservations could be followed by the operator easily from one single interface.
  • With 3nd level communication Hotel Channel Manager reduces the number of available rooms at all channels, websites and even in the hotel’s own website, when a booking arrives from one sales channel.

Hotel Channel Management

TRS | Hotel Channel Management works as a perfect mediator between your hotel and your reservations channels to distribute and market your rooms. What our Hotel Channel Management solution does is to take the information from you and distribute it to these channels and retrieve your reservations from different channels into your channel manager. It is extremely easy; saves time, energy and money. TRS | Channel Management is going to be your number one assistant!

To use TRS | Hotel Channel Management, all you need is a computer and Internet connection!

No need for any software, so almost free! And simple to use!

TRS | Hotel Channel Management is a lifesaver for hotels working with many websites for their online sales and marketing. Even if you work with a few, TRS | Hotel Channel Management makes it much easier to control your rates, availability and other information on your sales channels. With TRS | Hotel Channel Management, you can control all of reservation channels you have direct contract with, set prices and availability for all channels at once.

  • Control your hotel’s dynamic information at Expedia, Venere, Booking, HRS and other reputable travel agencies you work with from a single extranet!
  • Connect to world’s greatest travel systems with our Channel Manager:,,,
  •, Agoda, Splendia, CentralR,, GTA,, Laterooms,, CTrip, Zuji and many more…

Seamless two-way integration

TRS | Hotel Channel Manager offers perfect instant two integration and information exchange with its seamless technology. What it means is that you don’t have to enter the same data more than once. Once you fill in your data, it is automatically distributed to your website’s booking engine, all GDS/IDS and other online sales channels hoteliers work with.

  • Set price and availability for all booking channels you have contract with at one click
  • Ease of following rate parity
  • Control your room inventory by allocating it to GDS and other booking channels as you think as the best; therefore minimize the number of unsold rooms, also, eliminate the possibility of overbooking and protect your brand
  • Set different price and availability levels to your preferred agencies including your hotel’s own website (upon your request)
  • Requires minimum work, almost no manual intervention – so saves your time, energy and saves your money!

Complete integration with other management and control tools you have

In order to provide you ease and economy of time, TRS | Hotel Channel Management is integrated with:

  • reconline | Central Reservation System (CRS)
  • TRS | Central Reservation System
  • Booking engine on your hotel’s website
  • Booking Engine
  • Internet distribution System (IDS) – 150+ web sites
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) – 650,000 agencies
  • Property Management System (PMS) – Hotel front office program