Google Hotel Finder

Your hotel is two clicks away from every point in the world with Google Hotel Finder via TRS!

A new one is added to TRS GDS/IDS distribution channels: Google Hotel Finder. By virtue of XML connection which will be presented by Google Hotel Finder, your hotel will be easily found and be the most booked hotel in Google. Open both your location and the pictures of your hotel to the users; increase your credibility!

Now your customers and Google users can see and compare the hotels in the region in which they carry out a search via Google Hotel Finder and they can also make reservations. Share all the information about your hotel with TRS GDS/IDS Distribution Channels which are connected via Google Hotel Finder and make your guests contact you and make reservations.

During Google searches, when your hotel is being searched with maps and other listing, filtering methods; now we are including your room prices and vacancies in the list and selling your rooms more than before.

How do you become open to be offered for sale in Google Hotel Finder?

It will be sufficient to make a sales agreement with TRS Reservations Systems via Google Hotel Finder (GHF) which is integrated into TRS Central Reservation System. Then you will be provided a Central Reservation System in which you can enter information about rooms, features, prices, vacancies and pictures of the hotel. After you define your prices and vacancies via the above mentioned CRS, we will make an agreement in Google on behalf of you and will make your rooms to be sold in Google Hotel Finder.  The prices and vacancies which you entered in TRS CRS, are being connected to Google as real-time and being sold.

In order to be sold in Google Hotel Finder, you should work with a CRS service provider. Google does not accept individual hotels to be included in its system. For further information related to Google Hotel Finder:

In order to learn more about Google Hotel Finder:

You can make a search by writing the name of your hotel in Google and can see a Google Hotel Finder box on the right, which includes your room prices, the address and telephone number of your hotel, information regarding mass transportation and comments about your hotel.

In order to make a regional hotel search and to see the name of your hotel in the list:;si=d1d033a3

Please contact us in order to put your hotel for sale in Google Hotel Finder.