Central Reservation System

TRS | Central Reservation System offers solutions to your hotels’ sales and reservation management needs.

Explore TRS | Central Reservation System packages to increase your room sales and to simplify reservation management process.

As the number of online traveler’s increases, hotels keep searching for new opportunities to market their properties online. With TRS | CRS, distribute your hotel to thousands of travel agencies worldwide and to 150+ online travel agencies. Be a part of this huge online marketing network, reach thousands of new customers around the world with no additional costs, no extra workload.

  • Sell your hotel at 650,000 travel agency
  • Sell your hotel at 150+ Online Travel Agency (ODDr – Online Distribution Database)

Discover instant information exchange with Next Generation Seamless Connection technology. With this technology, perfect two-way communication is provided between your hotel and GDS as well as any other online sales channel. Within a second, enter your rate and availability information to all online travel portals simultaneously through our CRS. Updates are easy, your information is reliable with TRS | CRS.

We are aware of the fact that in today’s rapidly growing online market hotels’ toughest task is to manage sales channels easily and seamlessly. That’s why we created TRS | Control Panel. With this control panel, you can track your reservations coming from different hotel sales channels you have direct contract with.

Once you use our Central Reservation System, all of your sales channels retrieve availability information of your hotel through our CRS. OTAs receive instant, reliable rate and availability info. This is the greatest advantage TRS | CRS offers and it is enabled via our “Pull Interface”. It increases the opportunity of selling your last available room since it opens up availability at all sales channels. You don’t have to decrease room prices any more. TRS | CRS protects your brand image, saves hotels’ time and money. In simpler terms, hoteliers can’t divide last 2 rooms to 4 of your online sales channels. However, our Central Reservation System can distribute your last room / rooms to all of your hotels’ sales channels, so that all Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have access and equal chance to sell your last 2 rooms.

Also with TRS | CRS:

  • Track the demand, analyze the performance of your sales channels
  • Minimize your loss by observing demand, maximize the opportunity of your last room to be booked
  • All sales channels have equal opportunity of selling your hotel’s room

Other features of TRS | CRS:

  • Consortia and RFP Programs are supported
  • Special Merchant Agreements with Priceline.com, Orbitz.com, Hotwire.com, Travelocity.com and Ehotel.com
  • “Total pricing” – includes all hotel taxes, hotel service fees and any other fees.
  • Advance payment (no refund, prepayment)
  • Periodic reports through CRS
  • Hotel info – visual, with pictures and explanation
  • Booking Engine integrated with TRS | Control Panel – searching by multiple criteria, compatible with hotel’s website
  • Integrated with Hotel Channel Management
  • Integrated with PMS – Your front office program
  • Integrated with Hotel Booking Engine on your hotel’s website
  • Multiple language selection available