Seamless Integration Technology

Turkeyf Reservation Systems provides Central Reservation System with Seamless Integration Technology, able to communicate simultaneously with your hotel web site booking engine, property management system, channel manager and all other tools you use to manage your reservations & sales.


With Seamless Integration property of TRS | Central Reservation System, you do not need to type the same information more than once even if your booking engine, channel manager, PMS or any other tool is provided by a different service provider!


Turkeyf Reservation Systems web-based hotel solutions are all equipped with Seamless Integration Technology, therefore there is simultaneous seamless communication among different tools and software programs of your hotel.


With Seamless Integration Technology, you do not need to enter your rates, room availability or any other information more than once. Once entered, dynamic information (rates and availability) of your hotel are updated at every hotel sales channels and booking portals without necessitating any manual interaction. Similarly, any reservations made, all reservation details are automatically transferred into your Hotels’ Property Management System.


TRS | Central Reservation System and all other tools of Turkeyf Reservation Systems (Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Property Management System, Online Hotel Distribution platform, Revenue & Yield Manager) are enhanced with Seamless Integration Technology.


TRS | Central Reservation System with Seamless Integration Technology

Two-way simultaneous information exchange is provided between TRS | Central Reservation System and your

  • Hotel Channel Manager,
  • Hotel web site Booking-Engine,
  • Property Management System (PMS),
  • GDS,
  • IDS,
  • and other online booking channels.

Rates, availability, booking conditions, reservation extras and all other information are transferred to and from TRS | Central Reservation System instantly with one click.

Likewise, reservations including booking details and guest information from TRS | Central Reservation System are entered into your Property Management System simultaneously.


Economy of time, cost efficiency and ease of sales channels management

By cooperating with Turkeyf Reservation Services, you can connect your hotel to 4 major Global Distribution Systems (Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan and Sabre) and Internet Distribution System, Pegasus ODDr. Information exchange between your hotel and GDS/IDS is simultaneous, easy and cost efficient with Seamless Integration infrastructure we use.


Seamless Integration Technology is the best alternative to costly, time consuming channel management tools, especially for chain hotels and hotel groups


As the number of hotels to manage increases, more complicated tasks are inevitable. What Turkeyf Reservation Systems offers with Seamless Integration Technology is the ability to control all of your hotels’ information with one click, from a single screen.