Priceline.com is a leading travel services provider worldwide, and is now offering your hotel 3 exclusive programs via Turkeyf Reservation Systems: Merchant Hotel program, Opaque Hotel Service program and Vacation Packages Service program.
Program details

Merchant / “Travelweb” Net Rates

  • Operated by Travelweb LLC (Priceline’s subsidiary)
  • Hotel rates are marked-up by Travelweb through its websites: priceline.com, travelweb.com, lowestfare.com, booking.com, hotelweb.com and certain affiliate websites
  • Hotels are listed based on the following criteria: availability, competitiveness of your rates compared to other websites and compared to competitive hotels (in the same location with same star ranking)

Opaque / Name your own price

  • Opaque program helps you protect your brand while discounting room rates
  • Hotel’s name is not declared until your customer makes the reservation
  • Sell distressed inventory without diluting your brand value
  • Reservation Lead time for European Hotels 30+ Days – receive reservations 30+ days ahead
  • Average length of stay 4 nights
  • No dilution of retail rates, customer cannot compare
  • Guaranteed revenues with non-cancellable, non-changeable reservations

Vacation Packages / Opaque or Retail

  • This package offers customers hotel rooms together with airline tickets, bookable at a bundled price
  • Customers choose between opaque packages or retail packages
  • Lead time for European Hotels 60+ Days – receive reservations 60+ days ahead
  • Average length of stay 8 nights
  • With Opaque Packages, air itinerary and carrier are not revealed to customer until after purchase; instead, one bundled package price is displayed. (Current Opaque rate tiers can be used)
  • With Disclosed Packages, air itinerary and carrier are revealed to customer prior to purchase (again bundled price is offered) (Hotel may offer a higher Priceline rate)

Priceline program offerings to your hotel/hotels

  • Reach new customers (Priceline has a large customer base with 11 Million travelers around the globe)
  • Non-commissionable reservations
  • Non-cancellable, non-refundable reservations; guaranteed revenues
  • Pre-stay payment of the reservation total (booked price + applicable taxes) as soon as the reservation is made (Guaranteed)
  • Guaranteed display on Priceline.com, higher position at Priceline hotel listings
  • Include your hotel in Priceline’s “special sales” and hotel promotions
  • Highlighted with an icon: lower overall prices for customer
  • Benefit from Priceline Search Engine Marketing, plus the enormous marketing budget

How to initiate the Priceline.com Merchant Program:

If your hotel/hotels would like to participate in Priceline Merchant Program, become a preferred hotel of Priceline for your destination and get better listing at Priceline.com and its travel & hotel booking web sites; please contact us, where you state the subject as “Priceline Merchant Program” and we will contact you to give you further information about program details and requirements.