Hotwire is a leading organization in the travel industry , TRS | Turkeyf your hotel through the Reservation Systems also offers a ” Brand Shield ” ( brand protection ) program offers sold without lowering brand value unsold rooms .


The most important difference Hotwire other merchant programs , holds a right to the name of your hotel room , unless following the sale . Hotwire.com ‘s this “Brand Shield ” program when a specific search for the region, the hotel is only one hotel in each star is shown above . Not determined by any method by which the hotel is shown . Search results will be shown in the simplest way may be to customers .


The advantages of the program

  • Discount quotes safely out of your room and get rid of unsold room inventory
  • Improve your value RevPAR with a non-refundable booking fee of
  • Empty your rooms without losing value when you buy the brand
  • Have complete control of the room you get your prices and room availability status ! ( no obligation to release any room quotes )
  • Reach new customers , increase our awareness of your hotel .
  • The amount of the reservation is made, Please charge the credit card number provided by Hotwire
  • Can not be canceled , non-refundable , non-refundable bookings Get guaranteed income


Hotwire.com Merchant Programme to be included :

If you want to take advantage of the privileges you provide to your hotel on Hotwire Merchant joining the program , please contact us. We receive your request reaches the contact you will be happy to answer any questions about the program through .