• Ehotel.com with customer base of 70% business travelers and 30% leisure travelers
  • Reaches customers not only via its website, but also cooperates with many companies by integrating its system to the intranets of companies for travel arrangements
  • Generates worldwide hotel reservations online or via Ehotel.com Service Center
  • Active in big cities of Europe, America and Asia

Program offerings to your hotel/hotels

  • Better listing of your hotel/hotels within your destination
  • Acknowledgement and Marketing via Ehotel.com Newsletters
  • Opportunity to label your hotel as the hotel of the week
  • Opportunity to place a banner during room search of a customer

How to initiate the Ehotel.com Merchant Program:

If your hotel/hotels would like to participate in Ehotel.com Merchant Program, become a preferred hotel of Ehotel.com for your destination and get better listing at Ehotel.com; please contact us, where you state the subject as “Ehotel.com Merchant Program” and we will contact you to give you further information about program details and requirements.